3D Design

    • For briefing meetings further than 10 mile radius from Leicester. There is a charge of 45p a mile to cover expenses.
    • Design Amends are charged at our normal hourly rate unless agreed otherwise.
    • PO number needs to be issued within 3 working days of completion of design work.
    • Should any out of pocket expenses be endured outside our normal hourly rate they will be charged accordingly.
    • Cancellations of bookings to be communicated at least mid day, 24 hours prior to undertaking work at the agreed start date and time. Failure to communicate cancellations will incur a charge for that day.

Website Design

    • Websites and bespoke work are warranted for 90 days from going live and provided on a “AS IS” basis. After this time if any maintenance work is needed, labour and materials will be charged.
    • All quotations for work are valid for 30 days.
    • Once a website goes live the final amends (if any), need to be sent through within 10 working days after which the website will be invoiced. If no amends are sent through in the 10 working days the website will be invoiced and marked as finished.
    • Failure to pay for website services by the given payment terms could result in suspension of the website and hosting.


    • White Panda Ltd owns the copyrights to any design until final payment is made.
    • Payment terms are within 30 days of the date of the invoice sent or payees terms agreed if different.
    • Interest and compensation will be charged on overdue invoices from the due date at the statutory interest rate of business to business transactions, at 8% + BOE base rate.
    • Additional work above and beyond the agreed brief, post quotation will be classed as a variation and will be charged at our normal hourly rate accordingly.